Be Vigilant…Be Wary of Thieves!

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Play it safe when warming up your car during the winter months.   Your car could be a target for thieves!

Vehicle with Snow

As winter claws across Canada and temperatures plummet, vehicles need extra time to warm up on frosty mornings.     Many Canadians admit to leaving their cars unattended in the morning with the engine running to warm it up, and this exposes you to theft.

Yes, car thefts can be random, but many are planned. Criminals tend to target specific makes and models, and often organize themselves into inconspicuous groups.  They stalk vehicles parked overnight, waiting for their owners to start them and leave them unattended.  A few minutes—even just seconds—is enough time for a thief to steal your vehicle.

By staying vigilant and following these simple precautions, you can make sure your car and possessions stay safe during the winter.

Playing It Safe Be Wary of Thieves While Your Car is Warming Up



Do you operate a drone for your business?

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Then you need Drone Insurance!  You would be surprised at how many businesses use a Drone for their business operations, but they don’t have the proper insurance!


It is becoming more and more common that business are using UAV, aka Drones, for their various commercial operations.   But did you know that under Transport Canada’s rules, all commercial drone operators are required to carry at least $100,000 of third-party liability insurance.

When evaluating your insurance needs, businesses should be aware that most commercial general liability policies exclude the operation of aircraft, and that is because flying a Drone is an aviation activity when used for commercial use.

Furthermore,  businesses should also consider their potential physical losses carefully.  With drones, it’s often the loss of the payload—not the aircraft itself—that can be the most costly, meaning that cameras and other payloads are usually slung below the aircraft, and in the event of a hard or emergency landing damage to the payload is almost certain.

The good news that this risk is insurable and we can help you with that!   You can also find out more about this new frontier, right here or call one of the insurance advisors at Beyond Insurance

RI – Drones- A New Frontier in Risk Management




Do I Need Travel Medical Insurance?

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Travel Medical insurance is often overlooked by travellers when booking their trips, thinking they are already covered by their provincial medical insurance.

Travel Insurance

However, for most provincial plans, injuries or illnesses suffered while outside the province are not fully covered. It’s important to check your plan details before you travel.  For situations in which you are not covered, travel medical insurance can help fill the gap.

In addition to travel medical coverage, the insurance can cover you for loss of baggage, pre-trip cancellation, trip interruption, dental work, acts of terrorism or cancellation for any reason.

Travel Medical Insurance is often sold in a package deal giving you the biggest bang for your buck, and the peace of mind that if the worst should happen, you will be covered.  Through our partners at GMS Travel, Travel Medical Insurance including Trip Cancellation coverage is available to protect your financial ability to travel.   You won’t get stuck paying the high cost of travel gone wrong!

Contact one of the team members at Beyond Insurance Brokers Inc before your next trip to ask how travel insurance can keep you and your loved ones safe or enter here for a quick quote   I Need Travel Insurance!

Oh, and one more thing before you go…..take this check list with you  Beyond the Basics Security Tips for Traveling Abroad   Have a safe trip!

Could you be a victim of a Cyber Attack?

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Cyber attacks are a growing business interruption threat to so many business.  Fortunately there is insurance for that!


From managing intellectual property to maintaining an email server to protecting the personal information of your clients—cyber risk is deeply woven into the fabric of modern-day business.

Sure you may not be Target or Sony (or dare we say Ashley Madison).  The fact of the matter is that Cyber Attacks are a growing business interruption threat, and the first step in managing this risk is understanding your specific exposures.   Virtually every business relies on data and computer systems.  When your system experiences a virus or other computer attack, that is when your business is in danger of losing critical information that is essential to your daily operations and potentially exposing yourself to third party liability.

Learn more about your liabilities by downloading the content below (don’t worry the document is safe) and then call us at 1-877-642-2738

Cyber Liability – Cyber Attacks – A Growing Business Interruption Threat

Ontario Increases Fines for Traffic Violations

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On Sept. 1, 2015, Ontario implemented stricter fines for traffic violations, with minimum penalties for certain offences nearing $500

distracted driving

These changes are part of Bill 31, commonly referred to as the Making Ontario’s Roads Safer Act.    Changes include tougher penalties for distracted driving, new rules to protect cyclists and measures to ensure the safety of tow truck drivers and children riding school buses.

Since 2009, more than 500 people have died in collisions , in which driver inattention was a causal factor.   Distracted driving has exceeded impaired driving as a causal factor in fatal collisions. More changes to Ontario’s traffic laws are planned for 2016, including:

  • A new law that protects pedestrians at crosswalks and school crossings (Jan. 1, 2016)
  • Stricter penalties for those driving under the influence of drugs (Fall 2016)

Read more about the changes, right here  Ontario Increases Fines for Traffic Violations

Providing Safety for Women in Male-dominated industries

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There are several steps you can take to help minimize the hazards that women face on your job site.  Or, if you do not currently employee all female workers, these recommendations can help create a work environment for all genders.  Please read on!

Construction Women

As increasing numbers of women enter male-dominated trades, concerns about their health and safety are growing.   In addition to the primary safety and health hazards faced by all workers in male-dominated industries, such as construction, manufacturing and agriculture, certain safety and health hazards are specific to female workers.  

As an all female insurance brokerage, who provide insurance advice for all industries, we know too well the challenges we face as women working in what was a predominantly male industry.   The tide is changing in our industry, but not so much in other businesses.   

There are several steps  you can take to help minimize the hazards that women face on the job, and they are here in this months Commercial Profile August 2015.   

What if your business was interrupted?

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 Business Interruption

Without planning for a disaster such as an earthquake, you leave your company vulnerable to financial loss, especially if you are forced to close operations for a period of time.    Originally established for the manufacturing industry, Business Interruption Insurance has evolved into an essential risk transfer tool for all businesses.    Coverage provides resources that aid in recovery and can help get your company back on its feet quickly.  It can also provide employees and shareholders peace of mind, knowing that the business profits are protected in case of a disaster.

Are you ready to protect the business you worked so hard to establish?    We can help…find out more here  in our Commercial Insurance Profile or call us today 905-666-7600

Get Ready For Summer!

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Insight Personal Lines

It’s been a long time coming, but summer is here!  In your life, with your home or your automobile our Personal Lines Insights this month is filled with lots of useful information.  From making sure you are covered on while on vacation…did you know that 25% of Canadians will at some point in their lives need some type of medical care while travelling, to ensuring that your children are safe during the hot months ahead, please take a moment to read the information in the following link.     We think you will be glad you did…and have a great summer!   Personal Lines Insights




Water is beautiful, until it isn’t!

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Controlling flooding due to surface water and knowing what to do ahead of time , will help you react quickly and minimize potential damages to your property.   Water is the new fire!

Water is Beautiful

The devastating floods in parts of Alberta and Toronto in 2013 highlighted a key environmental truth…our country is getting wetter.   Did you know that the average yearly rainfall has increased by 12% in the past 60 years, with 20 more days of rain a year since the 1950’s?    Overland water, that is sudden accumulation or run off of surface water, including torrential rainfall has never been an insured loss under most homeowners policies, until now!   One of our insurance partners, Aviva Canada, is the first to introduce Overland Water Protection in certain risk zones.   This coverage will enhance the water protection for property owners or tenants who have sewer back-up coverage in place.

“Tens of thousands of Canadians have suffered losses from water damage in recent years,” said Sharon Ludlow, President, Aviva Insurance Company of Canada. “We’re proud to be the first insurer to offer overland water protection through our home insurance policies.”

Protect your home and belongings from overland water damage by calling us today to see if you qualify for this valuable coverage 905-666-7600

We also provide the following loss control tips here  Home Matters – Controlling Flooding Due to Surface Water

Reducing Employee Identity Theft

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Did you know that employees with senior status are more likely to cause organizational losses through identity theft since they usually have more access to employees’ personal information?


Did you know that when someone enters your place of business and is injured, you can be held liable for the injuries?

Data breaches are increasingly common occurrences, and companies are losing important data to hackers in cyber attacks….and believe it or not employees too!  As an employer you are responsible for protecting your employees’ personal information as well as your business.

In our Commercial newsletter this month, we have some tips for you to help manage these risks by taking appropriate steps to ensure that the information your company possesses is not compromise.

Keep reading to find out how you can protect your employees, and your business from identity theft, in our commercial insight Employee Theft and Business Liability

We are here to help!