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Are you driver in a network, like Uber?

If yes, then Uber driver we have Uber Insurance just for you


Coverage is now available drivers who spend up to 20 hours a week participating in ride-sharing or uber like activity.   Together with our insurance partner at Aviva Canada, we are the first to market with this type of coverage to drivers in Ontario.

The solution available provides drivers and passengers with peace of mind knowing that they have insurance coverage while ride-sharing from the moment you as the driver and passenger are matched through an online platform,  to the moment your passenger arrives at their destination.  Consider it end to end insurance.  From pick-up to drop off, every trip insured.

It is a simple addition to your Aviva personal lines automobile policy in the form of a Transportation Network * Endorsement (ie Uber)  This endorsement transfers the risk from the part-time driver to the insurer, allowing drivers to carry paying passengers when under contract for a transportation network company.

As long as there is no other commercial use of your vehicle or registered or plated for use as a taxi, limousine or any other public transportation,  you may qualify for the coverage, Uber driver!

To find out more Contact one of the members of the Beyond Team!  or email us at

  • Transportation Network means a digital network or other electronic means that allows persons to arrange to provide transportation services for compensation.

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