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Water is beautiful, until it isn’t!

Controlling flooding due to surface water and knowing what to do ahead of time , will help you react quickly and minimize potential damages to your property.   Water is the new fire!

Water is Beautiful

The devastating floods in parts of Alberta and Toronto in 2013 highlighted a key environmental truth…our country is getting wetter.   Did you know that the average yearly rainfall has increased by 12% in the past 60 years, with 20 more days of rain a year since the 1950’s?    Overland water, that is sudden accumulation or run off of surface water, including torrential rainfall has never been an insured loss under most homeowners policies, until now!   One of our insurance partners, Aviva Canada, is the first to introduce Overland Water Protection in certain risk zones.   This coverage will enhance the water protection for property owners or tenants who have sewer back-up coverage in place.

“Tens of thousands of Canadians have suffered losses from water damage in recent years,” said Sharon Ludlow, President, Aviva Insurance Company of Canada. “We’re proud to be the first insurer to offer overland water protection through our home insurance policies.”

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We also provide the following loss control tips here  Home Matters – Controlling Flooding Due to Surface Water

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