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Is Your Cottage Ready???


Summer has ended and the days are getting cooler and you know what that means – it’s almost time to close your seasonal cottage for the winter. Avoid costly surprises when the snow melts with these helpful tips.

  1. Clean off your boat before storing it away for
    the season. This could prevent deterioration
    and depreciation.
  2. Have your boat professionally winterized if
    possible, which includes getting the engine
    flushed to prevent blockages, fogging the
    motor and having fuel stabilizer added to
    your fuel tanks.
  3. A boat can be a desirable winter home for
    small animals. Avoid coming back to an
    unpleasant surprise in the spring by properly
    covering your boat. The best way to do this
    is by using shrink wrap.
  4. Don’t let your cottage become a host to a
    family of raccoons, mice or other critters.
    Before you close down your cottage for the
    season, check for any areas where animals
    could possibly get in and block them off.
    Using a chimney cap can help prevent
    animals from entering the cottage through
    the chimney.
  5. Drain and shut down your water systems
    before the winter to prevent frozen or
    burst pipes.
  6. If you don’t have electrical items that you
    need to run over the winter (like a sump
    pump, outdoor lights or alarm system),
    we recommend turning off the electricity
    at your cottage while you’re gone. At
    a minimum, you should unplug major
    appliances to prevent issues and/or fires.
  7. Inspect your roof. Have broken or missing
    shingles replaced before the snow starts
    to fall and ensure your gutters are free of
    debris to avoid potential leaks.
  8. Remove any items that could potentially
    catch fire like old papers, chemicals or rags.
  9. Adjust the temperature of your cottage.
    If you have a furnace and you want to
    leave it running over the winter, set the
    temperature to a minimum of 10°C to
    prevent frost buildup. If you’re planning to
    turn the heat off entirely for the season,
    ensure you also turn off the gas and empty
    your water pipes to prevent freezing.
  10. Don’t forget about it – check on your cottage
    to minimize potential damage.

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