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Do you operate a drone for your business?

Then you need Drone Insurance!  You would be surprised at how many businesses use a Drone for their business operations, but they don’t have the proper insurance!

It is becoming more and more common that business are using UAV, aka Drones, for their various commercial operations.   But did you know that under Transport Canada’s rules, all commercial drone operators are required to carry at least $100,000 of third-party liability insurance.

When evaluating your insurance needs, businesses should be aware that most commercial general liability policies exclude the operation of aircraft, and that is because flying a Drone is an aviation activity when used for commercial use.

Furthermore,  businesses should also consider their potential physical losses carefully.  With drones, it’s often the loss of the payload—not the aircraft itself—that can be the most costly, meaning that cameras and other payloads are usually slung below the aircraft, and in the event of a hard or emergency landing damage to the payload is almost certain.

The good news that this risk is insurable and we can help you with that!   You can also find out more about this new frontier, right here or call one of the insurance advisors at Beyond Insurance

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