Travel Insurance

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International Travel Insurance!

Half of all Canadian travellers will experience health problems when travelling to another country.

If you’re heading abroad, contact Beyond Insurance Brokers Inc. today at 905-666-7600 to learn more about all of our insurance solutions for all of your travel needs.

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Referral Contest…

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Rules & Regulations:

· You must be a current client of Beyond Insurance Brokers Inc or Beyond Insurance Windsor

· The person that you have referred must tell us that you did so to be entered into the draw – if you are not sure give us a call.

· The more people you refer the greater chance you have to win. 1 referral = 1 entry into the draw.

· All participants and referrals must reside in Ontario and be a minimum of 18 years of age.

· The referral must be a new client to Beyond Insurance Broker or Beyond Insurance Brokers Windsor

November Newsletter

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November ~ Personal Lines Perspective

Tips for Saving for Your Child’s Future 

Saving for your child’s future is important, especially when you consider how expensive college is. Thankfully, there are a number of steps parents can take to start saving today in order to ensure their children are financially prepared for the future.

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Northbridge Insurance ~ Alert Labs gives Ontario customers a new way to help protect their homes from water damage – and save on insurance

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To help customers protect their homes, Northbridge Insurance has launched a program offering their customers annual home insurance savings of up to $150 when they purchase and install an Alert Labs Home Solution package, consisting of a Flowie water sensor and a Floodie companion sensor.

 Alert Labs sensors are also available at a special rate for Northbridge customers, and can be installed by homeowners in less than two minutes on municipal water meters–no tools or technical expertise required.

 Click here to learn more about this special offer, or give us a call at 905-666-7600 with any questions.



News from our Partner, Aviva Insurance Company!

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To all our broker partners across Canada

We’re pleased to announce that our automatic emergency braking (AEB) discount is now available for new business and renewals in Alberta and Quebec, in Nova Scotia effective December 1, 2016 and in Ontario effective December 15, 2016. It will be available in other provinces in the coming months (subject to regulatory approval).

It’s another industry first for us and a great way to recognize customers and consumers who drive vehicles with enhanced safety features. To help create awareness around this initiative, we’re issuing a press release and hosting a media event together with Toyota Canada, where we’ll be live tweeting.
Click here
to read the press release.

Jason Storah, Executive Vice President of Broker Distribution for Aviva Canada sums it up:
“Automatic emergency braking is quickly becoming a key feature in preventing collisions and reducing their severity. This means less repair costs and more importantly, fewer injuries. It’s simple – our customers who choose vehicles with features that help prevent collisions, or reduce their impact, will pay less for their insurance coverage.”

How it works
It’s simple and easy for your customers with this type of vehicle to get the discount – it’s automatically applied on renewal. For new business, it will automatically apply when you enter the vehicle make and model and vehicle identification number.

If you are new to Beyond Insurance Brokers and would like to speak to us about the new AEB discount with Aviva Insurance Company, please schedule an appointment with us below:

Book an appointment with Beyond Insurance Brokers Inc using SetMore

Beat the Heat!

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Hey we are not complaining about the heat!   We spend almost 9 months of the year in a cool climate, so when the summer solstice finally arrives, we are grateful for the long lazy hot days of summer.   However, summer heat can be more than uncomfortable, and staying well-hydrated is one of the most important things you can do to beat the heat.

Drinking Water Hydration

Heat exhaustion occurs when a person cannot sweat enough to cool the body, and the worse can happen….Heat Stroke.  We have some tips for you right here for staying cool when the summer heats up.    We not only care about protecting your assets, your home, car or business, but we also care about you.  Take care of yourself this summer and have a good one!

Beating the Summer Heat

Ontario Auto Know Your Options!

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If you own an auto in Ontario, you’re required to have an automobile insurance policy in case an accident occurs.   This one-minute video shares important facts about increasing coverage and perhaps the standard coverage may not be right for you.  It’s important to know your options, and we can help you with that.   Contact one of the brokers at Beyond Insurance, we can help you make the decisions you need to protect yourself and your family, if the unforeseen should happen!

Auto Insurance is Changing in 2016

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In an ongoing effort to reform auto insurance coverage for consumers, the Ontario Government is implementing important changes in 2016 that you should be aware of before you renew your auto insurance policy.   These changes are effective June 1st, will apply only to auto insurance policies issued or renewed on or after the effective date.  Existing policies will remain subject to the current limits until they are terminated or renewed.

Ontario Auto Customized

The reforms aim to make premiums more affordable and provide consumers with more choice in the insurance coverage you can select.   Specifically, the revisions include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Including attendant care benefits in standard accident benefits while increasing the standard benefit for accident benefits from $50,000 to $65,000.  Currently, attendant care is separated at $36,000;  Consumers will have the option to increase the combined non-catastrophic benefit to $130,000. in total;
  • Combining the attendant care and medical & rehabilitation for catastrophic injuries to $1 million in total,  with the option to increase to $2 million;
  • The option to purchase coverage that combines the Medical, Rehabilitation and Attendant Care, for ALL injuries to limits for non-catastrophic of  $1Million and the combined catastrophic benefit total to $2Million;
  • Reducing the standard duration for med and rehab benefits from 10 years to 5 years;
  • Eliminating the six-month waiting period for non-earner benefits while limiting your duration to two years from the accident;
  • Requiring goods and services not explicitly listed in the SABS to be “essential” and agreed on by the insurer;
  • Updating the catastrophic benefit definition to be “consistent with more up-to-date medical information and knowledge”

Some other important changes are as follows:

  • Changing the standard deductible for Comprehensive coverage from $300. to $500.
  • Lowering the interest rate for monthly payment plans from 3% to 1.3%
  • Insurers can no longer use a minor at-fault accident, meeting certain criteria, to increase your premiums

For general information about changes to auto insurance in Ontario, you can contact the Financial Services Commission of Ontario or call us and speak with a licensed insurance broker at Beyond Insurance.

Are you driver in a network, like Uber?

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If yes, then Uber driver we have Uber Insurance just for you


Coverage is now available drivers who spend up to 20 hours a week participating in ride-sharing or uber like activity.   Together with our insurance partner at Aviva Canada, we are the first to market with this type of coverage to drivers in Ontario.

The solution available provides drivers and passengers with peace of mind knowing that they have insurance coverage while ride-sharing from the moment you as the driver and passenger are matched through an online platform,  to the moment your passenger arrives at their destination.  Consider it end to end insurance.  From pick-up to drop off, every trip insured.

It is a simple addition to your Aviva personal lines automobile policy in the form of a Transportation Network * Endorsement (ie Uber)  This endorsement transfers the risk from the part-time driver to the insurer, allowing drivers to carry paying passengers when under contract for a transportation network company.

As long as there is no other commercial use of your vehicle or registered or plated for use as a taxi, limousine or any other public transportation,  you may qualify for the coverage, Uber driver!

To find out more Contact one of the members of the Beyond Team!  or email us at

  • Transportation Network means a digital network or other electronic means that allows persons to arrange to provide transportation services for compensation.