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Kim Gregoire

Kim Gregoire, CAIB Insurance Consultant

  • Favourite type of music: I enjoy all music
  • Favourite thing to do on a rainy day: read or watch movies
  • Where you were born (town/city): Ajax
  • If I could have dinner with anyone (dead or alive), it would be: Terry Fox

What Our Clients Have to Say

  • My name is Allan, I have been dealing with Beyond insurance for approx 5 -8 years, I found you online when you were closer to highway 2 in the older white home. I have from the start been dealing with Kim G and I wanted to take a moment to tell you how amazing Kim has been as your employee and my go to agent. In todays demanding social network customer service has never been more important. I have been in customer service for over 30 years and realize how difficult customer retention can be. I can assure you 95 percent of my reason I am still with and loyal to Beyond is because I am treated like and feel like family and important infact Maybe I am her only customer ! Lol thats how she treats me, and Sir/Ma’am I am sure Kim can attest to I call with absolute zero notice and hope and expect the things to be done in non realistic time manner. Yesterday my private in house lease company demanded both my wifes and my vehicles back as i left that car dealership as there number one sales manager and due to a in house lease and no contract they had that right although they handled it totally wrong. I spent close to 70,000 on two new vehicles yesterday and called kim with unrealistic expectations to have them insured and road ready by days end as i needed a vehicle for my wife and myself and two kids. Well let me tell you Not only did Kim have everything finished ( while most her delay was waiting on me for paperwork) but she did it with a positive and great attitude all the while respecting my time and understanding the situation.

    Thank you again Kim you have helped turn a real difficult situation into a great day and made it seam so easy,

    Thanks again kim!!!!!!!

    Allan F.

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