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We don’t sell you insurance….we help you buy it!

We have a team of caring staff who pride themselves in being insurance advisors and not just sales people.

Whether it’s your home, automobile or business, we help you buy insurance and work with you to find the solutions for your insurance needs. Get an Insurance Quote today!

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Beyond Insurance News & Events

September 18, 2017 in Beyond Insurance Office Changes

Here we grow again!

As we welcomed September and the Fall season, we wanted to take this time to welcome our newest Beyond Insurance team member!  September ushered in some massive changes at Beyond…

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June 2, 2017 in Beyond Insurance Advantage, Insurance News, Self Serve Insurance

MyBeyond – 24/7 access to your insurance documents including Pink Slips is now available.

The MyBeyond Mobile App allows customers to quickly and conveniently access their insurance documentation, and their personalized pink slips directly through the app.  Beyond Insurance is always looking for ways... Read More
March 8, 2017 in Uncategorized

Northbridge Insurance ~ Alert Labs gives Ontario customers a new way to help protect their homes from water damage – and save on insurance

To help customers protect their homes, Northbridge Insurance has launched a program offering their customers annual home insurance savings of up to $150 when they purchase and install an Alert Labs Home Solution package,…

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November 29, 2016 in Uncategorized

News from our Partner, Aviva Insurance Company!

To all our broker partners across Canada We’re pleased to announce that our automatic emergency braking (AEB) discount is now available for new business and renewals in Alberta and Quebec,…

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Business Insurance

Business Insurance

As any business owner knows, we invest our time, dreams, blood and sweat into establishing our entrepreneurial endeavors. What if you suffer a loss or damage to your equipment? What if someone was injured as a result of your work?

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Personal Insurance

Personal Insurance

Protecting your home, vehicle, apartment, condominium, cottage can save you big time if any unexpected event occurs. There is wisdom in the saying, “hope for the best and plan for the worst,” and by investing in personal insurance you are prepared for anything.

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Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

What would you do if you lost your luggage or worse were injured while on your dream vacation? We can offer emergency medical, trip cancellation, trip interruption and lost baggage insurance.

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Auto Insurance

Auto insurance provides coverage to drivers in the event of an accident that results in damaged property and/or injuries. Having insurance allows drivers peace of mind in knowing that certain costs will be covered if they are ever injured or if their vehicle becomes damaged.

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I thank you very much for the support you have given. The work you have done, most importantly the sincere dedication you have towards your clients. You have provided an ear and a level ground to work on. For that I thank you.

Eric N Poirier

I can’t thank you enough for the kindness, compassion and overall professionalism over the past 3 years. You have restored my faith in people, particularly in your profession, and you were a bright spot in a very difficult time.

Julie Harvey

Ladies, please accept my sincere thanks and appreciation for your professionalism in the processing of my claim. Your efforts to listen, confirm and work with me to arrive at a fair and reasonable resolution ensures that our future together is long and rewarding for all. Trust me when I say there will be absolutely no hesitation on my part in referring and recommending your companies to friends. Thank you and here's hoping future contacts are under more enjoyable circumstances.

Cliff Roach

You put the 'pro' in professional . . . thanks again for all of your hard work on our behalf!

Lynn Fox

I just wanted to tell you that when our local broker stopped operating and our policy was moved to your office, we thought that it would be inconvenient dealing with the insurance company from a distance. But it has been anything but that. You have always responded to us very quickly and have provided us with good service. So thank you very much.

Diane Zimmerman