“I thank you very much for the support you have given. The work you have done, most importantly the sincere dedication you have towards your clients. You have provided an ear and a level ground to work on. For that I thank you.”
– Eric N Poirier
“I can’t thank you enough for the kindness, compassion and overall professionalism over the past 3 years. You have restored my faith in people, particularly in your profession, and you were a bright spot in a very difficult time.”
– Julie Harvey
“I’ve been with Beyond Insurance since 2009. To be honest, I’ve had a few bumps in the road, but that seems to be in the past ever since Tatum has taken over my account. I have received nothing but the highest amount of service from Tatum. She is very clear, concise, knowledgeable and transparent; from a customer’s perspective, that is all I could ask for”
– Fayaz Murji
“I would like address my appreciation to you about Tatum Potter and let you know she is such a great and professional employee. I have been dealing with her for quite some time and each time she was very helpful and friendly. I have been a pain sometimes and she never treated me inappropriately or impatiently and she was always willing to help me.”
– Artimes Zarghi
“Judy Bell thanks so much for all your help. I finally feel after years and years like someone has my back on this!! You have no idea how good this feels.”
– Judith Tallevi
“Ladies, please accept my sincere thanks and appreciation for your professionalism in the processing of my claim. Your efforts to listen, confirm and work with me to arrive at a fair and reasonable resolution ensures that our future together is long and rewarding for all. Trust me when I say there will be absolutely no hesitation on my part in referring and recommending your companies to friends. Thank you and here’s hoping future contacts are under more enjoyable circumstances.”
– Cliff Roach
“You put the ‘pro’ in professional . . . thanks again for all of your hard work on our behalf!”
– Lynn Fox